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Skilled Migrant Category

Skilled Migrant Category

The skilled migrant category (SMC) is the major route to immigration. Most people will follow this route, but tend to find it overwhelming.

Most of the time, to qualify for entry under the SMC you must be aged between 18-55, be of sound health and good character, and hold an offer of skilled employment. The lists of acceptable ’skilled’ trades is available to view on the immigration website ( as it is far to large to include in this section. You must also meet a minimum standard of English language ability, which may need to be assessed by IELTS (again, check immigration website for full details).

To start your application, you must fill in an ’Expression of Interest’ form (EOI). You can either fill this in online or you can fill in a paper form. Be aware that it is much simpler and also considerably cheaper to fill the application in on-line. You must first register for online services on the immigration website (link above).

Once you have registered, follow our complete guide to filling in the EOI form:

Expression Of Interest Guide

If you are experiencing any difficulties with this form, please register on our forum - Immigration NZ forum

We will happily assist you with any enquiries you may have.