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Banking in New Zealand

New Zealand Financal Matters


Banks are open generally between 9.30 a.m.- 4.30 p.m. Mon – Fri with some city branches also opening on Saturday mornings. Through your chosen bank, you will be issued with an EFTPOS card. With this you won’t need to carry cash, as you can pay for large or small purchases with it. Note: New Zealand Banks do not have any type of deposit insurance so please research your bank carefully before choosing

ASB Bank
Bank of New Zealand.
HSBC Branches only in Auckland unless you’re a private or personal client.
Kiwibank - New Zealands only kiwi owned bank
Migrant banking. Open a bank account from the UK
RaboPlus Bank . Investment bank. Savings accounts in excess of 7% with a minimum balance of $1.
National Bank.
TSB (Taranaki Savings Bank) .
Westpac . Online facility to open an account.
List of registered NZ banks

Currency transfer sites and exchange rates
World First Currency Transfer
XE . Currency converter.
Currency exchange rate

Financial aids
Interest . Check out best rates on all matters financial in NZ.
Sorted. Financial information

ACC . Government run system that pays out if you have an accident.
Rothbury . Domestic and travel insurance.
Insurance Link Quotes for life insurance
Letton Percival . Good UK company for shipping insurance. Should be cheaper than shippers’ own insurance cover.
Southern Cross . Medical insurance
State Quotes for car, home, Boat. travel and etc insurance