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New Zealand Motoring

Motoring In New Zealand

These are some important things you need to know about car ownership/driving in NZ

The Road Code: The book of rules for driving in NZ. You will need a copy of this, not only to ensure YOUR safety by knowing the different rules, but also to take your NZ theory test when you need to change your driving license.

Warrant of Fitness Test (WOF): This is a test performed by a qualified person to ensure that your vehicle is road worthy. Imported vehicles must have a WOF every 6 months, and NZ New vehicles must have one every 12 months.

Registration: Your vehicle must be registered for use on the road. Your registration can be renewed every 6 or 12 months, for a set fee.

Vehicles: New Zealand has quite a wide diversity of vehicles on the road, from many parts of the world. The dominant presence is most certainly Japanese imports, but most of which are good quality as they are strictly checked before being allowed in to New Zealand.

Speed & Distance: Speed & Distance are measured in Kilometres / Kilometres Per Hour (KPH) across the whole of New Zealand.

Dangers: Most road accidents are caused by drunk drivers, speeders or tiredness. New Zealand has a fairly high rate of road deaths, compared to other countries of similar status.

For more information, please visit: Land Transport Safety Authority