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Thread: Family Sponcer Adult Child Application

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    Default Family Sponcer Adult Child Application

    I am not sure if this is the right place to put this in. My Mom (JanMommy) has residency and will be sponsoring me via the Adult Child Application Form.

    I have two (older) brothers and a Dad in England (who I doubt will even come to NZ for a holiday). Do you think Immigration will let me stay?

    I have read this page in the Operations Manuel F6 Sibling and adult child policy but get confused with the "they have no other immediate family who are lawfully and permanently in the same country in which the principal applicant is lawfully and permanently"

    Lawfully I am in New Zealand.
    Permanently I am in New Zealand.

    Would there be any problem with me getting residency?
    Me (Janmommy)
    My Wonderful Daughter (JKm)
    And My Loved Partner (Peterlou)

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    Quote Originally Posted by janmommy View Post
    Lawfully I am in New Zealand.
    Permanently I am in New Zealand.
    I can't tell from your post which visa you are currently in NZ with. To be permanently in NZ, you would need to have residency. Therefore, if you are enquiring about being granted residency you wouldn't be able to stay permanently there until you were granted it, so that wouldn't apply to you. You would still be considered as a permanent resident of America.

    If you have more immediate family (brothers, sisters andor parents) outside NZ than there are in the country, the centre of gravity will be wrong and I doubt INZ would grant you residency on those grounds. This is probably similar to what you have already read and this shows you what evidence you need to provide.

    Added to this you would need a job offer.
    Mother Bear

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