I have posted previously for some advice, which gives an in-depth explanation of the situation my partner and I are in. Here is the link from the last time I posted: Work visa - Family stream confusion; in desperate need of some advice/help

Our situation:
I'm a NZ citizen, and we lived together for 9 months in NZ while she was on a visitor's visa, then we both went to the states together once her visa expired and I stayed there for 3 months on the VWP.

We have been apart since August of 2009, as a result of our visas expiring, and being unsure how to proceed from here. We have kept a strong communication between each other during our time of separation.

We have decided that she will come over on the VWP, her ticket has been booked, and she flies out in just under two weeks, and we have a few questions regarding lodging the Work Visa application under the Family stream, once she gets here.

We have many letters from the time we lived together including photos, letters from family supporting our relationship, saved boarding passes, et cetera, however, we are unsure of how soon we should lodge the application once she arrives. How do we go about proving that she is now back in NZ with me, will a few letters sent over from her family addressed to the both of us at the same address suffice? Of course we will take more photos once she arrives as well. Basically I am asking if our application will be frowned upon if we apply as soon as she arrives in New Zealand, or if this is acceptable assuming we explain our situation to the immigration officer. Of course we are worried about running out of time since the VWP is only valid for three months.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this, and i am sorry it is so long, but we just want to make sure we are going on the right direction.