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    Hope someone can help me

    My family came over here on a work to residency visa, I have 3 children, 8, 14 and 18, the 18 year old was on a student visa, but now wants to work full time, how do we do this? we still want to put her on our residency visa when we can apply in August.

    Many thanks in advance for the people who reply

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    Welcome Tractorboy.

    Unfortunately, if your daughter wants to work, it looks like she would somehow have to make her own application. If she waited until your residency application had gone through, I would think she could work then without a problem.

    Completing Section F Dependent children

    You can include your children and your partner’s children in your application if they are single and aged 16 or younger, or are single, aged between 17 and 24 years of age, and have no children of their own. They must be either totally or substantially reliant on you or your partner for financial support, whether or not they are living with you or your partner.

    From here.

    Other than doing it this way, I believe the only way your daughter could stay long term in NZ would be if you had held residency for 3 years and sponsored her but that's a heck of a long wait when she's already there with you.
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