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Thread: family dependant residence help needed ASAP

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    Question family dependant residence help needed ASAP

    Hi there
    I am in need of some serious help and I really am not sure what to do basically my parents and my brother moved over to NZ when I was 18 3 years ago, as I was studying at the time I decided to stay in the UK, living with my grandparents.
    When I came to visit NZ last year I decided that I wanted to be with my parents as I left my job and was unemployed and came over here at the end of 2009 on a visitors (until my residence came through....I HOPED!!!).

    My parents started the application process last year for residence on the basis that I was dependent on them and I was asked for proof that I had been dependent on my grandparents and my parents which is very hard to prove...we have sent lots of proof and info to immigration (all of which is apparently not sufficiant enough) including
    bank statements of transactions being made from grandmothers account to mine
    food bills (apparently this doesn't prove anything)
    Pay slips and P60 (tax slips) again doesnt prove anything
    bank statements....again is not showing much info

    We have got until february to come up with anything else that I can prove that I am dependant ANY IDEAS??


    I have just been initially refused a working holiday scheme visa on the basis that my intention to come out to NZ was not purely a holiday and all I want to do is be with my family and do some casual work to earn some money and now I am fearing that I will have to go back to the UK when my visitors permit is up in a few months so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANY IDEAS BECAUSE I AM ALL OUT OF THEM AND I AM GETTING RATHER UPSET!

    Thanks in advance
    any help appreciated

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    Welcome to MTNZ Needinghelp.

    You seem to be coming up against a brick wall with trying to prove your dependency. Maybe this is because INZ know that you have previously been working and are, therefore, capable of earning your own crust? Possibly information that you have given INZ has alerted them to the fact that you don't fit into their idea of either a dependent child or a working holidaymaker and doors are slamming in your face. It should be a time for a change of tactics but you are rapidly running out of time and it could be that you have left it a bit late.

    My thoughts were that you could have considered getting a job offer in NZ and try to get in through the Family (Siblings and Adult Children) Category? To do this you need to get the job offer first though. Now, I would be doubtful you'd have enough time unless you could apply for an extension of your visitor permit on the strength that you have a residency application going through, but these family visas can take a long time to come through and the visitor permit extension will only stretch so far. Perhaps discussing this option with INZ would reveal whether it's suitable for you.
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