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Thread: Hi there! Can you give me a hand here? :)

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    Talking Hi there! Can you give me a hand here? :)

    Hi there, I am Alex

    I just found this website - Awesome work.

    I want to move to NZ and i have been reading a lot about it. I would like to get a Permanent visa(ok, we all want that:). All i know is that,now, i could go and stay there for 3 months as tourist.

    It is really confusing to know what is going on there. Are they releasing any Work Visa at all? I mean, i read that even skilled immigrant visas are being hold (due to the recession).

    My real goal would be to work in organic farms - i saw sites as Woof (WWOOF is an exchange - In return for volunteer help, WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles.)WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

    I would be more than happy living and working in a farm, but it all comes down to the visa - i know i can stay for 3 months but i am trying move to NZ and stay permanently there, not just for 3 months

    Some obvious questions:
    1 - could i find a job while i am there as tourist? and if i do find a job, can i apply to a work permit while i am there as tourist?

    2- I am still researching flying companies - which one would you recommend (London-NZ), some of them just let you bring 23 kilos (what is not much). Any Tip?

    3- I could/would be interested to invest some money too (small business/Partner - organic farms or something regard renewable energy sources. I guess i could get a permanent visa if you i am a investor. Do you know anyone in these fields?

    4 - Jobs, jobs, jobs - I don't mind work as volunteer but i see no other way to be there permanently than look for a official job(instead of a volunteer job)and go through all the paperwork :( - any advise?

    Sorry for all these questions guys



    Alex - Kiwi-to-be

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    Hi Alex,

    You could take a look at the Working Holiday Visa and there are visas for seasonal workers in the horticulture and viticulture industries. To get a work visa you would need to get a job offer that is skilled and it would need to be one that a kiwi can't be found to do. To be able to apply for permanent residency you would need job skills (and qualifications/work experience to back them up) which are in demand such as those mentioned on the Long Term Skill Shortage List. If you have a job skill on the Immediate Skill Shortage List and a job offer you could apply for a Work to Residence Visa where you can get a work permit for 2 years to enable to you get some NZ work experience and the qualify for residency. Here is an overview of the process.

    It is possible to go to NZ on a tourist visa and look for work although this is frowned up by the immigration authorities because, for them, a tourist visa is only for visiting. Possibly they may be worried that people on visit visas who look for work might be tempted to start work without first getting a proper work permit. Therefore, it isn't advisable to let immigration know that you have come to look for work if you are asked your reasons for coming to NZ.

    Regarding the airlines, most of them only allow around 20 kgs. unless you are able to upgrade.

    This is the new Investor Policy and this is the Long Term Business Visa.
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