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Thread: No luck with jobs!

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    Default No luck with jobs!

    Hello all,

    I am new to this site. I am in NZ on a working holiday visa. To date, I have attended 2 interviews and was turned down because I do not have a PR. I really find this unfair and bias. I have read some of the threads about people getting a work permit on a visitor's visa. How is that even possible because I'm on WHM and employers do not even consider me!


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    Welcome to MTNZ Roshini!

    Unfortunately you are finding what a lot of other people have found, that certain employers don't seem to understand or are deliberately ignoring the fact that a job offer is needed BEFORE any application for a work permit can be made. Some use it as a way to avoid employing people from overseas if they are in any way uncomfortable with this. I really wouldn't know a way around this other than to take printouts from maybe the NZ immigration website that states a job offer is needed first so you have something to show them to prove they are wrong. It is a very irritating aspect of job hunting in a country that is, at times, resistent to outsiders coming into their workforce, but there are still some employers around who welcome expats so it's worth persevering. I hope you will have better luck in the future.
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    I think it would help to do as MB says and to take the information to the interviews, and also to take a copy of any forms that would be required for them to fill out. This would show them that not only do they not need to do any extra "running around" to employ you, but that you are making it easier for them, which may help to show you have initiative and help you get the job - you never know...
    It is probable that they have employed someone needing an permit before and therefore are worried that there may extra work for them. The easier you make it for them, the more likely you will be to find work.

    At the moment, not getting a job after 2 interviews is not unusual...there are a lot of people looking for work.

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