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Thread: Any idea father's permission

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    Default Any idea father's permission

    My Partner has a work visa but we would like her son (13) to come and be with her
    so where thinking of applying for a student visa but we have asked the father if he will sign a letter saying that is ok and he flat out refuses

    My partner does have custody but of course the father has visit rights. And the boy is currently living with the grandparents

    But I can't get an straight answer on whether the permission is needed or not.
    I can get one for a PR on that its definitely needed if he is under 17.

    So my question is how can I find out for sure ?

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    This is a very difficult problem that crops up from time to time. I don't know which country your partner is from but this applies to the law in the UK. Immigration will need to see proof that her son's father has given permission for the son to live in NZ and it could mean a court case to sort it out if he won't give permission or isn't prepared to compromise with you.

    Welshgirl on here went through such a court case several years ago and won and you can read about Dawn's experience with a similar problem. Here's another old thread on the subject.
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