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Thread: hello and advice please

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    Default hello and advice please

    Hello everyone!
    I wonder if anyone could help me.

    I have a job offer from a company, they have carried out a labour market check and filed for it to be granted, this happened on the
    15th oct. They were told it would take 2 weeks which will take us up to the date 29th oct.
    Meanwhile I have had blood test, xray, police check act. And handed all this into new zealand house on the
    15th oct. Will they process my application whilst lmc is being processed?
    I'm worried as my flight is booked on the 2nd nov! Will I make it?
    Thanks for any help.
    P.s if it helps I'm british!

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    Welcome to the forum Alexx

    Difficult to say how INZ works, but it could be that they won't immediately start work on your application as it may well go into a pile of other applications which are taken in turn, so that would give time for the LMC to arrive and be tied up with your other paperwork. I guess there wouldn't be much point in going on with your application at all if the LMC came back saying that a kiwi could be found to do the job just as well .

    If it's a work visa you're applying for and you're going through the London branch, these are the processing times which don't look that hopeful for your 2nd Nov. departure deadline. It could be that you need to enter NZ on a visit visa if you can't shift your ticket to a later date, but you would be bound by the usual regulations relating to that e.g. having either an onward ticket or return ticket and having sufficient funds to support yourself. And, of course, you wouldn't be able to work on a visit visa. You would need to advise London that you are relocating to NZ so they can forward your file there.
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