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Thread: Form 1146 - help needed

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    Default Form 1146 - help needed

    Hi all

    I just want to check that this is the right form for my husband. I am applying for a work visa under essential skills.

    Form 1146 will allow my husband to this correct?

    Also if this is the case, where do I put his medical and police certificate,

    Does he not need a passport photo of himself stuck anywhere?

    Thanks for your help

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    I read somewhere that INZ is only issuing work permits for a 1-year duration at the moment because of this business with needing to slot their returning kiwis into jobs first. Perhaps this has some bearing on the fact that they don't seem to be asking for a police or medical certificate, which is typical for visas/permits under 1 year.

    The last bit of Section B of the form states that INZ will let you know if a police certificate is required. It looks like just the declaration that your husband hasn't been involved in any kind of domestic violence needs to be filled in.

    It doesn't say anything about supplying a medical certificate here:

    Your partner holds a New Zealand work permit

    If your partner holds a work permit for more than six months we may grant you a work permit for the same length of time your partner is allowed to work in New Zealand.

    You must show that you are in a genuine and stable relationship with your partner. Your partner must:
    * be eligible to sponsor you
    * meet the character requirement for partners supporting partnership-based temporary entry applications’
    * intend to be in New Zealand for the period you apply for in your application
    * provide a completed Form for partners supporting partnership based temporary entry applications (INZ 1146) PDF.

    However, you are not eligible for a permit if your partner's work permit:
    * is a special permit that allows them to work in New Zealand until we verify their claim of refugee status
    * was granted under the October 2000 Transitional Policy for people who were unlawfully in New Zealand on 18 September 2000
    * was granted under one of our working holiday schemes
    * was granted under the Pacific Quotas Residual Places Work Permit Policy
    * was granted under the Horticulture and Viticulture Industries Seasonal Work Permit (SWP) Policy – 2006 Pilot
    * was granted under the Crew of foreign chartered fishing vessels policy, or
    * was granted under the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Work Policy.

    From here.

    When your husband has completed his form, he gives it to you to submit with your own form.
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