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Thread: Work/Partner Visa Help

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    Default Work/Partner Visa Help

    My fiance is from the USA and we submitted an application last month, but due to some wrong advice from Immigration it was sent back, so we re submitted it, but again there seems to be a hitch, because again they gave us the wrong information, we are running out of time and have just found out they have lost some of the application and i need some advice as we are possibly going to have to re-submit it again and i just want to know if what we have been told is correct, because its turning out that not much seems to be right and no one is willing to help very much at immigration!

    we were told to apply under the work permit and partner forms, we only want it for less than a year as we want to go back to the USA, but due to my work commitments i cant until next year and we were told we didnt need the medicals, because it was less than a years stay and that its now going to take up to 60days to process, is there a better visa we could be applying under? or anything else we can do?, because i cant get a straight answer out of immigration and im running out of ideas on what to do now =(

    thanks, any help would be much appreciated!

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    Hi and welcome to MTNZ. Sorry to hear that you have been having such frustrating problems with INZ. It does sound like they are making a bit of a mess of your application.

    Can I just clarify a couple of points first? Are you a NZ citizen or residency holder, as you don't mention your own citizenship? Secondly, is your fiance 30 years old or less? I was wondering about the Working Holiday Visa for speed and simplicity and because it seems that only a temporary visa type is required, but the applicant needs to be 30 or under and can only work for part of the time as a certain amount of time needs to be set aside for 'holidaying'. For a straight forward temporary work permit (not going through the partnership route) your fiance would need a skilled job offer. Going via the partnership route tends to be used for those who want to stay permanently in NZ and the applicant is more involved. When you use the various partnership categories to get into NZ, it can sometimes be that you need to have proof of your relationship and in some cases, proof that you have been living together for a minimum of 12 months. I can't tell from what you write whether you are together at the moment or living apart in different countries. Perhaps a little clarification will help to point us in the right direction.
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    Yes im a NZ Citizen and we are living together now well since she came in august, we did include as much evidence as possible of our relationship which is longer than a year, but because of our things in each country holding us back we havnt lived together for longer than 3 months at a time, she is under 30, we just found out that the application has been accepted tonight for processing, so i really hope that this was the right visa or we just wasted all that money because we were given the wrong advice, im not sure of the rules of re-applying and whether we can re-apply for a better suited permit/visa, but this has been the most stressful process i have ever been through and i wish everyone else better luck!

    thanks for the help

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