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Thread: partner visa query... overstayer

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    Default partner visa query... overstayer

    I am wanting to move to NZ to join police force (I am Australian).
    My husband of 2 years is an overstayer in Australia and will likely be refused entry to Australia for 3 years when he departs.
    Will his exclusion period stop him being able to get a partner visa in NZ or get into the country? any help would be greatly appreciated. Or even name of good migration expert?

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    I suspect there might be a problem because INZ is very hot on overstayers and, unfortunately, somehow, they have links to what goes on with Oz immigration matters and vice versa, so it's possible they will become aware that your husband overstayed and may be afraid there may be a similar problem if he wants to go to NZ. I'm sure we had someone on here who was in a similar position, but I'm having difficulty tracking the thread down as it was some time ago.

    It may be a good idea to speak to someone in INZ about this problem because, if you are hoping to apply for residency yourself and wish to include your husband in your application, INZ may see their way to allowing this because, if residency is to be granted, he would then be able to stay long term in NZ on a valid visa, thereby removing the possibility of him overstaying.

    We have an onboard immigration consultancy if you feel you need help with this.
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