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Thread: Pregnancy rights on working holiday visa

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    Default Pregnancy rights on working holiday visa


    I am currently here on a working holiday visa from the uk which at the moment is a 12 month one but which I hope to extend to 2 years. My question is regarding my rights on the visa I am on - there is a possibility I am pregnant, my partner is a new zealand citizen and plans to come back to the uk with me in a couple of years - I want to find out what my rights would be if I am pregnant and whether I will be able to stay here or will have to go home



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    Reading through this it looks pretty damning and points to your having to leave NZ, BUT it does say...

    There are, however, exceptions to the general rule. When applicants applying for temporary visas/permits intend to give birth in New Zealand even though they technically fail the acceptable standard of health, an exception to policy will be made and the individual may be granted the temporary permit/visa if:

    1. she is a partner of a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident; or
    2. she or her partner applies for a work to residence visa or permit and the visa or permit is for a period of two years or more, or the length of the visa or permit plus earlier visas or permits adds up to two years or more.

    Whether this would apply when you try to extend your WHV, I wouldn't like to say. INZ might be looking for some sort of confirmation that you will eventually settle in NZ, so you might run into difficulties with that if you intend to go back to the UK in the near future.
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    Thanks for getting back to me, I'm really confused then - sorry to be stupid!! - but so does that mean I would be able to stay because my partner IS a New Zealand citizen?

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    Yes, I believe this is what MB is trying to say.

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    Default no worries

    I am pretty sure they would never kick out a woman who is pregnant with a KIWI BABY!!!
    So do not worry
    As long as your NZ partner is with you and confirms that he is the dad should be fine.
    You will even have free prenatal and postnatal care!

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