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Thread: How's this sound for a Check List?

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    Default How's this sound for a Check List?

    As the title may lead you to believe... I'm putting together ideas for a good checklist in preparation for my NZ move....
    1. Backpacking through NZ- May/June
    2. Pick/Research a city - June/July
    3. Apply for a Working Holiday Visa - July
    4. Obtain an IRD Number - July/August
    5. Apply for jobs - August/Sept.
    6. Finish Peace Corps - Sept. 15th
    7. Sail to NZ - late Sept.
    8. Immigrate!
    9. Obtain Employment
    10. Beging Work to Residency Process

    Would I be better off to initially start with the Work to Residency in mind? From what I understand, I can move to NZ on a 1 yr Working Holiday Visa for free, then once a potential employer sought after me, I'd have a better chance of being approved to Work to Residency.
    Please give me any advice that may seem fitting... and THANKS for the help!!

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    The WHV is pretty easy to get and gives you the opportunity of both working and visiting NZ, although the main purpose of the visa is for holidaying. You can only work for part of the life of the visa, as I'm sure you know, but it will get you to NZ quickly and with the minimum of fuss. If you find a job you want to stay in you would need a Work Permit and, after that, you can go on to apply for PR if you can or go the WTR route, which is longer.

    Your itinerary looks pretty interesting and it's good to see that you've laid it all out in a written plan so you have something to follow. You can alter it as opportunities crop up and your needs change.
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