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Thread: work permit????

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    Unhappy work permit????

    Hey...I'm still in the process of finding out if I can start my whv before december (there are no places for now), but in the meantime I would like to know about the work permit. I know that I can travel to nz with a travel visa and then try to get a job and a permit there, but my question it easy to get employers to offer you one if your skills are not on the list? I know they have to prove a couple of things first before being able to offer me the job, but is it feasible? and if that's the case..would it take more than 3 weeks for the permit to be ready? I give you a little info about myself so as to consider when answering: I'm 25 years old, a teacher (though I might not asses my qualifications, for It costs money that I wont have unless I work!!!), have lots of experience as a waitress, recepcionist and other service areas. I speak English , Spanish and a bit of Italian, have never been convicted or have any kind of legal problems and have all the other requierements in order...If someone can help it would be great..thanks!!!!!!

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    Didn't you get a reply from NZIS yet? You said you had emailed them to ask about it. They would be the ones to tell you if you can apply before December.

    Certainly the WHV would be your best option because you can take any kind of temporary work with that. The problem with the Work Permit would be that you need skilled employment and waitressing and reception work isn't classed as skilled. NZIS regard such jobs as being suitable for New Zealanders and, as such, wouldn't be looking to import people from overseas to do them.

    If you were applying as a teacher you could probably get a WP but I honestly can't say if they take teachers temporarily. I think you need to have 2 years experience and be registered to apply for teaching jobs. Perhaps a teacher's aid but sometimes these jobs are unpaid. Are you training to be a teacher or have you already qualified?

    I really don't know what to suggest other than what has already been said. Anyone else got any ideas?
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