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    sorry where do we post about LTBV i thought this is the most relevent, but please move the thread if you feel its more appropriate.

    I wanted to ask about LTBV: i've been told its a pretty scary thing to do as if you need to change an aspect of your plan you would need to resubmit and if you dont meet your expected targets this is also classed as failing.

    i am unsure about how in depth the business plan would need to be; to be accepted in the first place as well.

    any comments, experience or suggestions welcomed

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    Hmm, good point, we don't really have a LTBV section, so here's just great

    The LTBV can be a scary route to go, due to the expectations of what your business must do. In reality, as long as it's going strong and you're doing OK, you should be alright at the end of it. There's a few members on here who took that route, and no doubt you'll bump in to them on here somewhere

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    Hi NZboy,

    Here's a quick check for LTBV. There's some additional links on the left hand side, too.

    One thing they seemed to be pretty strict on was that you should have already run a similar business in your home country. However, this idea was trashed when our Macfod managed to get his LTBV without meeting this criteria. Have you read his story here and here ? Unfortunately Macfod is away on holiday at the moment but perhaps you could keep an eye open for him on here when he comes back.

    This is a link to another thread about LTBVs .
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