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Thread: changing jobs in new zealand

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    Default changing jobs in new zealand

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    hi everybody:
    i have a question about my work PERMIT.
    I changing jobs in new zealand, boths jobs are skilled.
    my quetions are:
    -to move from one job to another job i have to apply for a varations of conditions or i have to apply for another work permit?
    according to the new zealand immigration website they said i have to apply for a another work permit but a Consultant Told me that is no need another work permit, if iam apply for a varations of conditions will be fine. WHO IS RIGHT??

    - How long the application of varations of conditions take??
    from what i am know a work permit take beetwen two or three weeks.

    also i would like to say that Permanent Resident is on the way, immigration already invited me to apply and also i already sent all the paper more than three months aga and they say i have just to wait for the final anwser , all the papers are fine, but now i changing my job and i got the questions that i mention before

    thanks in advance for all the help.

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    Default changing jobs in new zealand

    Hi there, welcome to the forum.

    I am unsure about the so called 'changed in Variations' but I think if your change in your job is still in the same field I think there is no need to reapply for a new work permit.

    Since you have submitted your PR application, it is better that you check again with NZIS on the status. 3 months seemed like a typical timing but it is good to check again with them.

    Take care and good luck!

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    Default changing jobs in new zealand

    thanks for your awnser, i am really not sure about the variations of conditions.
    better phone phone the immigration and see what really happend, thanks anyway and if anybody else has another awnser please replay the post TRHANS!!!!! ?;)

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    Default Re: changing jobs in new zealand

    I'll say take it slow,kiwis could be very strict when it comes to you changing jobs,especially when your work permit was issued for another job.
    y dont you get a second job and wait for your residency to go through.
    I am not sure which country you are from but yu may be ask to go apply outside NZ if you are not very careful, i am sure you dont want that aye?
    Dont rush things,play by the rules until you get your residency the you are one of them.
    from experience with immigration i dont use consultants but lawyers.

    All the best

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    Default Re: changing jobs in new zealand

    If you change jobs, you need to apply for another new work permit, as the original work permit you were issued woould have had the companie's name your working for on (as it did in my case).

    I was in a similar situation - got a new job ans had to change my work permit.get a new one. Then afew weeks after my PR came through, I was offered (and accepted) another job (my PR took nearly a year over here - they don't rush it through when you're already here and working so something to note!). I called my case officer but she just said to let her know (as you're supposed to keep them up to date for a few months after PR) who the new employer was once I'd started and she updated my records. If your PR is still going through, I would check with immigration if your new job still qualifies for your category as they can be quite picky. My guess is they'll ask you to send in your new contract and will have to assess the new company/role so will add more time to your PR application time...

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    Default Re: changing jobs in new zealand

    This is the bit on the NZIS' site that tells you about changing jobs and Work Permits.
    Mother Bear

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