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Thread: visas for freelances

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    Default visas for freelances

    hey!! how are you guys?
    i'm seriously thinking about moving to nz but i don't know what kind of visa or working permit apply to.
    i'm under 30 , work in the movie industry,and have years of experience but i'm freelance so i don't know exactly what's the path i should take
    thanks in advance

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    Default visas for freelances

    [smilie=Welcome_2.gif] Juan,

    Well, there's always the Working Holiday Visa seeing as you're still under 30. Perhaps you could pick up some work in your industry while you're supposedly having a 'holiday' in NZ. ;)
    Mother Bear

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    Default visas for freelances

    Hi there! A warm welcome to our forum!

    I search on the skilled migrant long term skill shortages and i cannot find either movie production or flim production. I was hoping to find that your skills are much needed in NZ but apparently it is not so. But I may be wrong and someone will correct me. I can only find flim animator and that seems to be more IT based (using software to create creative animations).

    However that said, as MotherBear mentioned, you can come on a WHV or better still, secure a job offer. I sure there are plenty in the movie industry in NZ given so many good movies are flimed there. These companies will be able to sponsor you for a work permit.


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    Default visas for freelances

    If you plan to work freelance, then your only option is a Long term business visa as you are, in effect, operating as self employed. Your best bet is to find a job in your field until your residency is sorted, and then consider going back to freelancing.

    Hope that helps :)

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