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Thread: WHV to residence - what do i do with my stuff?

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    Default WHV to residence - what do i do with my stuff?

    Hi all,

    We are also going down the same road hopefully, from WHV to PR and such.
    We will be selling our house here and would like to ship our stuff over (in a 20ft container). We will be staying at my inlaws for the first 1-2 months but should we take the risk of bringing our stuff without an actual citizenship/ residency? (because it will arrive shortly after we do, when we are still on whv ofcourse).. we have every intention to stay in NZ and we dont really want to leave our stuff behind and having to ship it over only after the residency permit..
    Any advice?


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    Default WHV to residence - what do i do with my stuff?

    Unfortunately I don?t think there?s an easy answer to this. I take it that you can?t get PR beforehand on the strength of your husband?s qualifications, if you?re talking about going on a WHV?

    Depending on how confident you are that you will eventually get PR (if your hubby?s in IT he stands a good chance of getting a job once he?s in NZ), you could take the risk and have your stuff shipped down to you. The only alternative to that is to store it in the Netherlands and have it shipped once you are more certain of how your application would go i.e. when you get jobs. The problem with importing your stuff into NZ before you get residency is that I believe you would have to pay tax at 12%. Once you have PR you don?t pay it. Tough choice [smiley=icon_frown.gif] .
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