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Thread: questions on arrival (WHV)

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    Default questions on arrival (WHV)

    Hi, this is my first post!
    I am flying out to Auckland on a WHV in less than 2 weeks now, and I suddenly have a million questions!
    I am going out there to be with my Kiwi partner, and the WHV was the only feasible way of doing it. I am now worrying about the sort of questions they will ask on arrival - ie where i will be staying etc. Is it acceptable to say that i will be seeking work and living with my partner in Auckland, or would it be better to say i am travelling etc(on the visa application it said something about your main intention in NZ being travel)?? Dont want to put my foot in it! :icon_eek: would appreciate any thoughts on this!!

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    Default questions on arrival (WHV)

    Welcome to the forum, Sam.

    Do they actually ask you questions like that when you arrive? Not having been in that position myself (and whilst waiting for someone more knowledgeable to reply to this), I?d have thought, if you have a WHV in your hand that would have been enough to give you right of entry. If I remember correctly, you have to enter your address in NZ when you fill in the Arrival Card on the plane prior to landing, so that matter would already be taken care of. It would be understandable that you?d want to stay with your kiwi partner at least some of your time in NZ, so I wouldn?t worry about giving that address initially. If some comment is then made about where you?ll be moving onto, I?d just say ?Wherever I can find work?. As you don?t need to have a job to possess a WHV, I wouldn?t worry about that either. I suspect a fair number of people come into NZ clutching a WHV, who don?t have jobs already lined up.

    Good luck to you in your adventure.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default questions on arrival (WHV)

    Sam, welcome to the forum. Please do not worry about that, you already have the WHV and I totally agreed with MotherBear, immigration will not push you too far.. (Unless you make that beagle sniff and sit beside you at the immigration queue...Just Kidding) [smiley=icon_eek.gif]

    Take care for now and keep us updated of your progress [smiley=icon_biggrin.gif]


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    Default questions on arrival (WHV)

    IF they ask the questions then it may be worth saying Kiwi 'friend' ratherthan partner. They're not there to weed out any potential 'backdoor' immigrants tho I'm sure. In fact I'd say they've left the loophole (sort of) there on purpose so it is easy for people to come and sample life there. If it was a major concern it would be easier to close the loop-hole than employ an 'interrogator' at every arrival terminal.

    Take a pill, relax, enjoy, settle :icon_mrgreen:

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    Default questions on arrival (WHV)

    thanks for the reassurance! I should really try to chill a bit, but its so close! I think i will worry about every tiny thing between now and when i fly!

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    Default questions on arrival (WHV)

    They DO ask those kind of questions, but it's more on a 'friendly' basis than an intense grilling under a spotlamp.

    Simple answer is, you're staying with friends in Aucks and travelling around sight seeing. It states your visa should be mostly for touring rather than working, but they dont state what you must see!

    It's the ultimate no-no to say your intention is to find work and live with your partner! That goes against your visa conditions and you could land up in a spot of bother.

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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