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Thread: WHV visas and; Residency

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    Default WHV visas and; Residency

    Hi Guys,

    I have just called my immigration officer and she said that my residency was approved and I should get THE BLUE STAMP soon. It hasn't been a month, yet!!! :D

    Re: my problem with over-working 3month period for one employer on WHV,officer said that they almost ignore it and I shouldn't worry about exceeding that time, given my residency application is in the process.

    When you apply for the residency NZIS register that you have a work visa (not making difference between WHV or other work visas). That is how it appers on their web and internal information system.

    So guys, I wouldn't worry about WHV limitations if your residency application is being processed. ;)

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    Default WHV visas & Residency


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