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Thread: Work Visa Timescales

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    Default Work Visa Timescales


    1st post,so please be gentle. I am from Scotland and a Quantity Surveyor

    I ahve been offered a job on the immediate skills shortage and have therefore applied for a Work Visa to enable me to get there quicker, it is my intention to apply for my EOI before I leave and then PR once there.

    Can someone tell me how long I will be waiting to hear about my work visa.

    I will then be applying for visas for my wife and 2kids and how long this will take to get them.


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    Default Work Visa Timescales


    Work visas take up to 60 days maximum to process, but as long as everything is in order they are usually quicker than that.

    For your wife and children, it depends what visas you are applying for. If you want the quickest route to NZ, don't get any visas for them here, just take them as visitors. Then, when you arrive in NZ you can apply for their proper permits. Your wife will need a work permit, so that will take up to 60 days, and I'll assume the kids will be on student permits, which can take up to 4 months!

    Better sit out those months in NZ as visitors I reckon [smiley=icon_biggrin.gif]

    Of course, this might not be ideal for you depending on the kids ages and how much school they will miss, but at least you now how long the visas take anyway [smiley=icon_wink.gif]

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    Default Work Visa Timescales

    We have just recently applied for and received visas to enable us to work in NZ.

    My husband and I got 3 year work visas and the kids got 3 year student visas. We applied on the Wednesday of one week, they took the money off the credit card on the Friday and we recieved them the following Thursday!

    That was a bit slower than someone else we know who got them in 3 days and a lot faster than another family who waited for 6 weeks for theirs.

    Hope this fills you with hope.


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