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Thread: Looking forward to work and live in NZ

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    Default Looking forward to work and live in NZ

    Hello Mother Bear and good morning from Manila!

    I was watching last night, one TV program by our local TV station (Channel 7: Pinoy Abroad) which says that it is possible to work and live in NZ. This is why I am writing today.

    It was the 5000 species of butterfly and the prestine ecosystem that made my long-term plans a captive of New Zealand. A pleasant place indeed.

    I am about to finish a degree in Business Administration major in Business Management- with much interest in a banking career. This is my last term and it would end God willing by December 2005. By December 15, I am then ready for flight. I have pending applications in two investment banks for an Asia-Pacific assignment and I am hoping that there is a New Zealand operations.

    Managing the possible opportunities, is it possible for a foreigner like me to immediately start a career over there? While there are Filipino communities in Auckland, I do not have a friend or a relative that would offer a temporary place to stay as I seek employment.

    Given this situation, will it still possible to obtain a work visa? If I would respond to available employment from the list of careers, will employers issue the corresponding work visa for me? Is it possible that I can communicate today with an interested business organization and get me to work by mid-December?

    Thank you very much.

    With much appreciation for your welcome help to inquiries.

    Tony Ople
    De La Salle University
    Manila, Philippines

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    Default Looking forward to work and live in NZ

    To start you off, just take a look through the information on the Immigration site and follow the links to see if you are eligible to apply for a work permit with your skills. There are various ways of getting into New Zealand, so see how you get on with this and then you can ask further questions afterwards. It's quite a complex subject, so I hope you can find some answers to your questions on this site.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default Thank you for the welcome response

    Dear Mother Bear,

    Thank you for the link you gave me, I am now reviewing them.



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