This is the first time on this forum.
I was told work visa(essential)is a quick and fairly straightforward application, but I have encountered several problems.
A brief intro about myself, I am a Malaysian worked in Singapore for the last 10 years with the Ministry of Health.

1)I applied for the essential skills visa 2-3 weeks ago.
I was to start work on April 1st and had written a cover letter to expedite the application, if possible,as advised by INZ Singapore. Had done an online application and on the acknowledgement page, it was mentioned I did not have to hand in my passport.
I was surprised so called the Singapore Branch, they were not sure as I had applied online.
After a week or so, went down to the office, I was surprised to find out my application is being processed in Bangkok, and the person at the counter was surprised that I was not asked for my passport. So she advised to hand in my passport so that they can courier it to Bangkok. I did.
I called Bangkok office, to ask about my visa and was advised to email them. The next day I was emailed, that my passport is not required as I am entitled to an evisa. By now, I was annoyed and called the Singapore branch, their explanation was they are not aware of this and had just clarified with INZ.
Eventually managed to collect my passport after the Easter long weekend. I was not reimbursed the money spent on the courier services.

2) I got an email with regards to clarification of my paperwork submitted for the work visa.
Clarifications requested.
- registration with MCNZ : had submitted the necessary paperwork from MCNZ
- police clearance from the Singapore police: was informed by INZ Singapore via email, that for a temporary visa Singapore Police does not issue clearance certificate and a statutory declaration.
- evidence that my employer has tried to recruit New Zealanders : my job is on the LTSS list. Anyways my employer actually replied to this.
- employment offer/contract:was informed that the 20 page contract is unclear. Eventually the same contract was resubmitted and accepted the second time.

After that, emailing the clarifications, yesterday I got another email for thier records purpose, to show proof of my immigration statues while I was working in Singapore. Called up the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore, and they are surprised why INZ is asking for such information especially when I have the necessary paperwork from my previous employer.

I am not sure at this stage, should even I ask why they are asking for such clarification?