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Thread: Partnership sponsored WV ... any other good advice? So stressed and worried!

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    Default Partnership sponsored WV ... any other good advice? So stressed and worried!

    Dear you all!

    I'm writing because I'm concerned about my partners and I's possibilities for being together in the future. We will be handing our papers in this week...

    When I met my partner he had been separated from his ex wife for about 3 years (he have been seen as separated and single since from NZ government), and have a son together. She's a kiwi; so he haven't been sponsoring anyone else... They never got the divorce since they always have been arguing and my partner have been concerned about the access to his son. She got the full care of him and it's her decision if my partner will be able to see him again, so he's afraid of that matter. When we met, he started thinking about getting the divorce solved and tried to convince his ex wife it would be best for both of them if they just move on.... she have been SO cruel in this, didn't care, always got ''maybe'', ''why should I do that for YOU'' and so on... my partner wanted to do a one-party divorce: but we got send away from the ministry of justice 3 weeks ago because he needs to know his ex-wife address!! And she don't wish him to know. I have looked into it all after and have found a way now to solve it all, and it is possible with out the need of her address... but... I'm so afraid INZ won't look at our relationship, but just stand by the fact that they actually still are legally married... my partner want her to be all good with it so he doesn't loose more contact with his son, which I fully understand...
    We still wish to try, and now when we have found a way to do this he should be able to get the process with the divorce started. I have been writing this in our cover letter to INZ, and can't see anywhere that it says we shouldn't be able to get it when he's separated.... My partner is sure we'll get it, 'cause he thinks they will look at it from a bigger perspective as that they don't have anything together anymore etc. but understand as well that divorces can take some time and it's the two of us he got EVERYTHING together!! I'm a bit unsure about that :(

    We have been together for almost 7 months now, have almost been living together since the start of the 7 months as well!

    Of prove we got:

    - Personal letter
    - Timeframe.
    - Pictures. (pics from FB as well where folk have made likes and commented on our pictures)
    - Picture of our FB profiles there says we are in a relationship.
    - Status updates where we are mentioned and where I mention my partner.
    - Messages between us on FB.
    - Our Internet/phone bill with both of our names.
    - Tenancy paper with both of our names.
    - Letters addressed for me to prove I live on the address
    - Letters/packages addressed for both of us.
    - Birthday card from my family to my partner.
    - Christmas card from my family for both of us.
    - Skype contacts
    - References (which is quite a lot of people! Involves family and friends from both NZ and DK)
    - I got my CV and prove of work I have done, + contract with a company here in NZ

    Do you think that's enough prove? I have made a scrapbook sorta thing out of it, we both have signed: there are OVER 35 pages!

    I believe all our prove shows that we are serious, genuine and stable! It's just if they believe it :( ohh....
    We probably even got more than others who have been together for that short amount of time.

    If we don't get it I'm a bit concerned about if my partner will be able to handle bills etc. himself... don't know how I should be able to help when I'm back in DK.

    Also: I have a couple of questions else

    1) Do any of you have an idea about how long it will take the Auckland Branch to handle an application in the moment?
    2) Since I still got family in DK, would it be nice if it's a multientry visa... but think I have to apply for this after I got the visa?
    3) Should I provide anymore prove? Is there other things we could hand in? We do have a car together, but since this is through a friend and we have a pay off agreement with him, the car isn't fully ours yet. I did write this in the letter as well.
    4) Did they call you into interviews etc.?

    Hope for advice, support and yeah... can't do anything else then just wait. Really hope they will give us for at least a year, and just say it won't be renewed if he don't get the divorce sorted or something like that. My life is here, my partner is here and can't see myself moving back in any way :(
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    Default The visa application is handed in ...

    I was thinking it would be a good idea for others who apply for the same visa to get an idea about time etc.

    We handed the visa in Monday the 18th, and Thursday we got a message from immigration about it's lodged in the system. It should take roughly about 25 days to take care of the visa application as things are in the moment!

    We are really crossing our fingers for this, and hope for the best... would be nice if we can get our visa.

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