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    Default New Zealand immigration specialists

    As New Zealand immigration specialists, Global Visas are fully equipped to help clients obtain tier 1 visas and tier two work permits under the New Zealand Points Based System (PBS). As tier 3 visas, tier 4 visas and tier 5 visas are rolled out over the next few years, we will also be able to submit applications for these New Zealand visa categories. We offer the full range of New Zealand work visas and business Visas including the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP), the Intra Company Transfer visa, (ICT) specialist doctor visas and dentist visas and we help with applications for those who wish to live and work in the New Zealand on a working holiday visa.

    We also help to reunite clients with family members in the New Zealand through the New Zealand ancestry visa and dependency visa, and we assist with applications for marriage visas, unmarried partner visas and fiance visas. We help with applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the New Zealand (ILR) for permanent residency in the New Zealand and we help clients to apply for New Zealand naturalisation as a New Zealand citizen.


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    Smile Hi all the way from Spain.

    Im Spanish, married to a Samoan woman, having a son in common and we are now living in Spain. So what I need to know is. We are planning to come over to NZ,
    at the moment as visitors and Id like to know if my situation with a European passport will be something easier to arrange my situation there in NZ? I mean, my situation
    as a Spanish comming there with my family with hope to stay there, do you believe it will be something easy to apply for work permit, residency and all that? Pls I urgently
    need help or someone that can provide me helpful info pls pls.

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    Question Hi again from Spain,

    So you guys are like nz immigration lawyer or something like that? If you dO, then Im interested in speaking with you privately, I mean private mail because really I need a lot help about all these. Can I have an email or a way to contact with you privately pls if you dont mind.
    Regards from SPain.

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