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Thread: Hard to find work with an open work permit

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    Default Hard to find work with an open work permit

    Hi! I'm on an open work permit through the family stream category. My partner is a holder of a work visa as well. I'm having a bit of a difficulty applying on jobs online. I'm a nurse like my partner however, I want to shift my career into the insurance industry. I've a year's experience in a world renowned insurance firm back in my country. Will they take that into consideration? I'm looking for work as a claims support or claims officer which I used to be. What are my chances? I also looked into short courses that are offered by the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance. Would that help?

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    Applying for jobs online is not often that successful and can depend on what type of job you're looking for. Some create more demand than others e.g. nurses tend to find work that way because they are in demand. I get the impression that applying in-country and having face-to-face interviews brings better results. Are you already in NZ? I would hope that any job training you can undertake in the country would help towards getting a job. Whether your previous work experience would count could depend on which country it was done in.
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