I got married to a New Zealander in December, but I was not able to get a spouse visa/PR or visa of any sort related to that yet as me and my wife had not been living together for any period of time. I am South African, but I was working in Australia on a work visa there and the company I worked for was happy for me to continue working for them remotely from New Zealander.

So I have been in Auckland working here on a "Specific Purpose or Event" work visa, which names the Australian company on my visa.

Working remotely has not worked out as well as I'd hoped, so I have applied for other work here and got a job offer from a NZ company on Friday. I mentioned my situation to the personnel agent at the outset, but I now suspect the company that offered me the position is not aware that they'll have to sponsor me for the work visa.

So my question is what is the easiest option going forward?

1) My skills are on the NZ skills in demand shortlist (software developer, C# .Net) and this is a large company, so I imagine they'll get a work visa easily. If we were to go with them taking over the work visa (applying for a new one I guess), how long would that take and how much effort is involved for the company?

2) Now that me and my wife has been living together for 5 months, should we just apply for a partnership visa? How long would that take?

Not sure what I'm asking, I guess I want someone to say "Naught, you're here already and your skills are in demand, you'll get a visa quickly - do x,y,z" or "no, it's not that simple".