Hi all
A few quick questions please:

On INZ 1015 (work visa), there is a question that says what is your intended date to leave NZ, (section H, H2, on form INZ 1015)
The answer is we don't have one, as I will be submitting my EOI at the same time I apply for my work visa.
What should I put down on the form?

I've also come across a few places that require you to put down your arrival dates...we don't have any yet as well need to wait for our visas before booking flights!!!

Also my husband will be piggy backing on my work visa and we will be submitting all the documentation together so i wont have got my visa before him.
in section N, Q N9, it says:
I have attached evidence of my partner's work visa or eligibility to obtain a work visa (eg a letter from INZ giving approval in principle to the granting of a work visa)
Would a copy of my job offer/qualifications suffice?

Has anyone else had to get this 'letter/document'
If you didn't, did you do something else that was sufficient? (I am on LTSSL, level 1, 8 years exp with perm job offer)