Hi all

My husband and I are going to nz in a few months.
I am applying for a temp work visa because it's the quickest way to get me there for now and will also be submitting my EOI and getting that going in the background. My job is on LTSSL. My husband will be applying for a work visa on family grounds. I've been told of 2 possible routes for baby (2) visitors visa, but I'm not sure if this will not allow her to claim 20 hours of free childcare when she turns 3 which will make a big difference to us financially, or to try the student route. NZ house in London have said that is really only meant for children >5 who are ready for school.

If we apply for a visitors visa for her, do I complete the forms with her as the principal applicant, even though not much will apply on the forms; previous work experience, quals, etc!