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Thread: Explaination Letter received from Case Officer from LONDON Branch

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    Default PPI received from Case Officer from LONDON Branch

    Greetings All

    I had an interview with my CO on 25th Aug-2011. I have given her landline number of my relative because i don't have landline at my home. I requested my CO to call me at my mobile number. In short , i made a call to her from my mobile (communication barrier involved) and had an interview with her which lasts almost 1 hour and ten minutes. It went well and i was expecting direct PR from her but during interview there was discussion about future , i told her after settling in NZ , i will go for business (IT and Telecom Services to Home users and coporate sector) which i believe she took in Corporate Business ,in 9 months which is not a realistic figure ( it can be 8 to 9 years). Purpose of this answer is to fully emerged in NZ settlement and contribute myself with full swing . I know that i don't have funds to start business in other country in 9 months or a year not even have a background of business. My intention was that i would not be free or a burden on NZ economy. Even i will go for odd job in start to get into NZ culture.

    I know , i have applied in skilled migrant category and have experience of IT / telecommunications more than ten years not in business category.
    Now my CO sent me an email today asking me

    *** You have stated that you wish to start up your own business in New Zealand within 8 to 10 months, once you have settled there and made some good contacts.

    Please guide me how to satisfy her in this regard.

    My friends spent time to search accommodation for me and i have been in touch with them for job hunting market as well. I firmly sure that i can easily get a job there in month or two.
    I was thinking to resign from my current job in October .

    I am worried because i have planned everything for NZ even start selling my things.

    Your guidance would be highly appreciated.
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