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Thread: Can I save my future or its destroyed?

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    Default Can I save my future or its destroyed?

    Hello, All Immigration Experts!!

    I wrote here my full details about immigration and court case hope you got all.

    About my case why they gave me limited purpose permit.

    my visa expired on 11/Aug/2010, I did not apply for visa because my
    fully result was not declare second, I have Police case on
    21/July/2010 and I was in extremely under pressure I didn't know what
    to do. I called the immigration help line and they told me to apply
    section 35 after expired my visa 14/Aug/2010 and I got limited purpose

    I hire the lawyer but he fail to convert my visa status.

    on March/2011, I apply for 6month limited purpose visa but they
    declined says you plead guilty and now you have been convicted. also,
    they told me you don't need to apply for any other visa when your
    court case finish and after sentencing you have to leave the country. so I didn't apply for
    any kind of visa since march/2011.

    - I visited the Ombudsmen office and make a complain (1. they gave me
    wrong visa in Aug/2010 and spoil my career they have option to give me
    simple visitor visa) they were happy to accept complain but
    they told me that first make a complain to immigration. I made a complain
    about gave me wrong visa as limited purpose to Branch manager at
    Manukau.I think its 15days and It hasn't reply yet from a Branch

    About my court side:
    I remain plead guilty and now my sentencing date is on 12/Oct/2011.
    I have 3 charges
    Criminal offence summery assault with weapon
    Wilful Tress pass

    I don't know what sentencing I will got.

    Second I have partner and we are in relationship from 5months.

    I am extremely worry about my partner!! :((((
    Please Guide me.
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