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Thread: No Immigration Statuse!!

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    Default No Immigration Statuse!!

    Hi All Guys,

    I Got police case from my x-girlfriend, last year. I forgot to apply work visa so INZ gave me Limited Purpose Visa to Sort out Court case and stay legally in NZ.

    I plead the guilty because I am wasting my time, money and career second reason is I get Section 106, At last I know I will not get(because of serious charges) was Miss lead by lawyer. Again I apply for vacate (plead not guilty again) and its take long time may be 3-4months.

    Because of my Plead guilty INZ deny me any kind of visa. I ask immigration help line they said- you will not get any kind of visa its all depend on court out come.

    Now, I got a Beautiful Girl friend KIWI, We loves each other and start living together.

    I want to know if I apply on De facto or marriage should immigration give me work permit? because I really need work, Its hard to survive in NZ without work/money.


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    I can't quite understand all that you say, but I think the main point is that I doubt you would be able to apply for any long term visa until a decision about your court case has been made. Whichever type of visa you apply for, INZ will need evidence that you are of good character so, until this case is sorted, a big question mark will be hanging over you. The fact that you now have a new girlfriend shouldn't make any difference.
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