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    Default Difficult situation...

    Hi, I know a lot of people who post on these message boards are looking for better information. I would be grateful for any input from anyone.

    I am a New Zealand citizen and my finace is from America and has moved here so we can live together. She decided to come to New Zealand on a working holiday on the advice of Immigration New Zealand saying this is the best option under our circumstances.

    On tuesday she would have been here 1 year and her working visa will be expiring. On February the 18th she applied for a work permit under partnership and is just sitting in a pile according to the immigration people on the phone. Is this common?...what is more frustrating is when we went to the local immigration office and wanted to process her work visa in person the dude there said we had to submit it via mail, and also said not to panic because it would take like 2 weeks. Now it has been 30 plus days and is just sitting ina a pile.

    Do we have to keep playing the waiting game? if it is first in first serve I really don't believe that.

    Also, just a few days ago despite the fact nobody has looked at her application she was issued an interim expires in 6 months and says she CANNOT WORk...this is really harsh and unfair as we are both paying bills/rent and she will probably lose her job.

    I have no idea what options we have other than wait and hope for the best.

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    Whoever said it was "just sitting in a pile" should probably be sacked! What a stupid, meaningless response. Work Visas are meant to be processed within 60 days, so it could take anything up to that long. Interim Visas are automatically issued where another application is pending - all applications received are lodged as pending until assigned so that's why she will have received that.

    I think you probably will have to wait it out, Immigration branches have increased workload due to the Christchurch branch outage so applications are taking longer at the moment.

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