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    Hey everyone!

    I have myself in a bit of a situation.

    Here is the story and I need advice:

    Met this Italian girl while on holiday in Singapore last year June, we hit it off, she applied for a working holiday visa and came to NZ two months later. We have been desperately applying for jobs since in hope for a job offer so that we can convert her WH visa to a work visa.

    Till this day we have not had any luck.

    I am aware we could get it through a partnership but here is my problem, I already did it 4 years ago under a de facto relationship and got her a 2 year work Visa, in fact I managed to ger her PR shortly after by marrying her and she left me shortly after, I was used for my citizenship.

    So our only option is a job offer. Her visa expires in September so we do not have much time left. If nothing happens by July I would be forced to leave my good job here and leave the country I was born in so that I can be with the girl I love.

    Are there any options or ideas anyone can offer to help us get a work visa for her?

    Is there something I have missed?

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    It sounds like you've got the options covered. There is a 5 year gap between being allowed to sponsor someone else, and you are only permitted to do so twice in total.

    Have you tried applying for jobs throughout the whole country? If you don't want to leave NZ, you may have to consider living in another area where she can find the work.

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