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Thread: Extension of a 12 month work permit

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    Default Extension of a 12 month work permit

    Hi everyone,

    My husband is originally from the US and received a 12 month partner supported work permit that expires at the end of May this year. For a number of reasons we haven't yet applied for residency so we want to apply to extend his work permit for another year now we've been living together for over a year. I know we're getting short on time and I'm starting to get very nervous.

    I've been looking all over the immigration website and I can't find any way to apply for an extension although I keep reading that it's possible to apply to extend it from 12 months to 2 years. Can anyone please help me with how to apply for an extension?

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    I don't believe there is an extension application as such. If you have the details of the case officer who processed the initial visa, it's best to contact them. They may require a complete new application for a new visa. For some visas, they can do an electronic extension, but I don't know if this applies for you sorry. Your husband will certainly require medicals and a police certificate though, as his stay will be longer than 12 months now. I know you've said you have reasons not to, but to be honest, if it's at all possible you may be better off making a residency application instead to avoid having to keep on redoing medicals and police certificates. It's all down to your circumstances though (which I obviously don't know!), so just a thought!

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    This mentions someone wanting to extend a 2-year work visa, so I don't know if it applies to a 1-year as well.

    I've been working in New Zealand under a temporary work visa, which allows me to work here for two years. Can I have this time extended?

    You may be able to apply for a new work visa to extend your stay and work in New Zealand. Work visas may be granted for up to three years, but there is no limit on how many times you can apply for and get a new visa.

    Whether or not you’re eligible for a new visa will depend on the reason you were granted your initial visa (some categories have 'total' time restrictions), and whether you meet the application criteria when you apply for the new visa.

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