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    Hi there.

    I have a couple of questions about becoming a NZ-resident. How long does it take to become a resident?

    I came to NZ on a work and holiday visa, tried to apply for a work visa which was declined and planning now to study in NZ. I know, that after my 1-years-course I will be eligible for a 1-years-'student job search'-visa and if I find employment related to my course I will even get another 2 years - if I understood correctly.

    So when can I apply for residency? Are there different stages of residency? Will I become a permanent resident straight away?

    Thanks for helping me out - I am really confused about this whole Immigration-thing.


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    How long it takes to become a NZ resident depends largely on your own circumstances (under which criteria you're applying and how many points you get) and which branch of INZ you're applying through. Different branches have different processing times because some are busier than others. It can take up to a year in some cases but a lot less in others, particularly if someone has a job offer to take up or has 140 points or more and is selected automatically.

    I believe you would only become eligible to apply for residency once you have a relevant suitable qualification and/or a skilled job offer that is on one of the skills shortage lists.

    You can read about them here and here is the Residence Guide . The Study to Work Policy could give you a work visa to stay longer in NZ. If your qualification fitted in with a job skill that is on the LTSSL, having this work visa should allow you time to gain work experience and maybe submit an application for residency.

    And, if all this is successful and, along the way, you manage to get residency in NZ, you would not become a permanent residence for another 2 years. After gaining residency you need to be present in NZ for at least 6 months in each of the first 2 years after which you can apply for permanent residence.
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