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Thread: Work permit to Residency

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    Default Work permit to Residency

    Hi guys,

    I am new to this forum and this question could have been answered before but here goes.
    I am current employer as an Assistant Herd Manager on a Dairy Farm which is a two year Visa, I would like to upgrade to Residency if it is possible - I have filled out an EOI but have been refused as I dont have enough points. (I tried as a Skilled Migrant but was told that my Managers job is only skilled level 4 and they are accepting level 1)

    I have a Diploma in Civil Engineering but haven't used the qualification in some time as I am much happier farming.

    How can I go about starting a successful Residency application?

    Thanks for all your help in advance


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    Hi Shane,

    How many points do you score with your qualification and related experience, without a job offer? If it's less than 140 then you're really going to need a job in civil engineering to stand the best chance, else you may only be granted a work to residence visa which will mean you'll need to get a job in that field anyway.

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