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Thread: Work permit extension options

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    Default Work permit extension options

    I am in NZ at the moment having got a visa back in May on a work to residency basis. I arrived here in August and my permit runs until May 2011. I have not yet secured a full time post as there seems to be a Building recession down here too and my jobs are in Architecture and Lecturing. I missed out on a full time post in a local Polytechnic but they have asked whether I would be interested in part time work . This most likely means I will have to apply for a permit extension , but I noticed some posts on here where people said they already had enough points for residency and wondered whether there was any other route or option I could explore.
    I applied for full residency initially but since I did not have a job offer at that time, I can see why they put me on this WTR path.
    Just wondered whether anyone out there had similar stories, experience or useful advice. Thanks in advance and seasons greetings.

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    Hi Mal, which part of NZ did you move to? Have you checked out other cities for jobs as there's usually a heap of architect jobs going. If you applied for the Skilled Migrant visa and got placed on the WTR path then unless you have business/management experience and want to go down the Business Visa route then you're on the best path available already. The job market doesn't usually pick up again until February so there wont be too many hiring at this time anyway.

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    Hi Taffy,
    thanks for taking the time to reply.
    I am in Auckland as I had a friend who is living on the North Shore and they have been doing a sterling job looking after me and helping me settle in.
    There are architects jobs as you say but a lot seem to insist on NZ qualifications and experience but I think I may just apply anyway as I would hope a face to face talk if an interview was offered might allow me an opportunity to convince someone to give me a chance. Seasons greetings to you and thanks for the advice . Most welcome .

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    Applying for jobs, whether you think you'll get them or not, is a good way to go. You only need one job offer and, unless you apply for it, you won't stand any chance of getting it. By applying you will, at least, become known to possible employers who may keep you in mind for anything else that comes up. You are in the best position in that you are already in NZ. Applying from outside the country and getting employers to take you seriously can be very difficult.

    Good luck in your quest. As Taffy says, nothing much moves around this festive time of year, so don't expect to hear anything much until beginning of Feb.
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