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Thread: Question regarding career?

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    Default Question regarding career?

    Hey guys I did IT in my home country and has been working in the same IT industry for one year in my home country, Then I came to NZ on a student visa did my IT dip level 5
    but I could not get any job so worked in a service station for one year at the end of the year my company helped me to extend my visa under essential skills policy but Immigration NZ declined my visa and I'm currently pursuing Dip in business level 6 What sort of job should I get to apply my PR? Is it possible for me to apply for PR if I become a manager in any concern even if its not in IT?

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    I think you may have trouble just taking a course in business and then applying under the skilled migrant category as a manager. Even with qualifications, it's incredibly rare for someone to just jump straight in at management level with little to no experience so immigration may find this suspicious. As you have already had an application declined, immigration will check your case very carefully and reference it to your previous application. This will make it worse as you are applying as something completely different to last time.

    If you want to gain residency, really your best bet would be to find a job in IT and work in it for a couple of years to gain experience. Then you may find you have enough points to apply as a skilled migrant under an IT role, which will match your previous application. If you try to cheat immigration through shortcuts or false jobs, you may get your profile flagged and be denied any further visas.

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