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Thread: Waiting time for work permit appln

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    Default Waiting time for work permit appln

    Hi all - First of all this is such an AWESOME forum. So happy I found it.

    I have lived in NZ for almost 9 years now - first here on a student visa/permit then on work visa/permit. I have recently lodged a work permit application. Just wondering if anyone's had their approved within two weeks of lodging the I being too optimistic?? I am still employed by the same empolyer (also an accredited employer listed in the long term skills shortage list). My only issue is that I'm scared I left it to late to apply for a new work permit as the current one expires soon.

    Any feedback will be much appreciated.

    Thanks. =)

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    How long visas take to be processed can depend on how busy the branch is that you're dealing with.

    This won't be in time for you, but there is a new policy coming out on 29th November that says....

    Interim visas

    The 2009 Act will introduce a new ‘interim visa’. These may be granted if a foreign national has applied for a further temporary visa. This will maintain the individual’s lawful status
    in New Zealand while his or her application is being considered. This provision is due to come into effect in early 2011.

    If INZ is putting this into place within the next few months, I would hope there will be some way in which you can bridge your visas if your current one expires before the new one is issued. At worst, you may need to get a visit visa to be able to remain in NZ legally, but you wouldn't be able to work on this.
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    Usual processing time is up to 60 days, some people have walked in to a branch and walked out with a work permit, some in a couple of weeks, some the full time! As you're working for an accredited employer, your case is much simpler to deal with which might speed things along a bit, however if the branch dealing with your application is particularly busy, it could make no difference!

    So, the short answer is, it's possible, but not probable!

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