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Thread: Do i need a police report??

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    Default Do i need a police report??


    I've been in NZ since Jan 21st 10, so about 10 months on a WHV. I am applyng for a work permit through my partner (who is a Kiwi) but i can only get 1 year as we have only been living together 6 months.

    I was wondering if i will need to provide a police certificate yet as although they say you have to if you are here 24 months or longer, i was intending dating the permit from the beginning of January, so i will technically only have been in NZ for 23 1/2 months??

    I have no problem providing a police report, its completely clean its just it will take over a month and with xmas coming up and my visa expiring in Jan i want to get the application in ASAP!

    Do you think i will come across any problems if i do this?? i know my brother had a work permit over here in nz but because his passport was expiring they only gave him 11more months so he was under the 24, just. but he didnot have to provide one.

    Any help would be great i'm looking to get my application in Monday 15th Nov.

    Thanks :)

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    It's cutting it a bit fine but, if they say 24 months, you can always hold them to it . Just make sure you don't miscalculate the timing because you will probably have to allow for time to process the permit application as well. I assume it will depend on your total time in NZ rather than just how long your permits are for.
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