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Thread: changing job in same region but degrading position.......

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    Default changing job in same region but degrading position.......

    hi i'm new here

    i'm holding a 2yr work permit

    just wanted to know what i have to do to change my work permit
    will varation of conditon works or have to apply for a whole work new permit.

    CONDITION: i'm working in rotorua in a cafe/company as chef de partie and now i've got a new job offer here in rotorua in a new cafe/company as a Commi Chef but better salary compared to my old job.

    will there be any problems for work permit on degrading the position from INZ.

    and i'm almost ready to submit my residence application from where i'm working now

    my EOI expires on 25th october 2010.

    So what can i do so i can get the new job work permit as well as submit my residence
    application before the deadline i.e 25th OCT 2010


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    Hi Aausan

    I'm no longer working for the same employer as when I was granted my permit. Does this affect my Work Permit?

    If you’re here under a working holiday scheme, changing employers does not affect your Work Permit.

    For all other workers, if your employer is named on your Work Permit, then you need to inform us that you’ve changed employer. You will need to apply for another Work Permit and must apply for a new permit when you have a job offer. You should not start work in your new job until you have a new Work Permit.

    If you gained your permit because you secured a job with an accredited New Zealand employer, you’ll only be able to remain in New Zealand if you’re working for another accredited employer. Even if you find work with another accredited employer, we’ll still need to approve the arrangement.

    From here.

    Whether or not your job change will affect either your work permit or any application for residency would depend on whether or not the new job title appears on the LTSSL as that would be what INZ are looking for. They wouldn't be interested in the fact that you would get more money, rather that you are working in a job title using skills that the country needs.
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