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    Default Work to Residence Visa

    Me and my husband applied under Skilled Migrant Category and we were offered Work to residence visa in March. My husband got a job with a small company in Auckland and has been working for over 5 months. We sent all our documents about the job and contract to the visa officer. Our WTR visa expires in less than 2 months and we still haven't heard anything from immigration. They haven't been asking for any other information at this point and are not updating our application. We need enough time to wrap our things here if our PR is not approved. Are there any suggestions on something we can do to expedite the process? We are in such distress, my husband does not have enough time left to quit his current job and look for another one and so far they haven't raised any concerns?

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    If you haven't heard anything at all from INZ since you sent in your husband's job contract etc., it might be an idea to first contact them directly to make sure they have received the details.
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