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Thread: Applying for temp work permit based on partnership.

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    Default Applying for temp work permit based on partnership.


    I’m a UK citizen currently living in Auckland on a Working Holiday Visa which expires in Feb 2011. My partner is a kiwi (we’ve been in a relationship for a year and living together for a month). I want to lodge an application for a temporary work permit based on partnership and have a few questions/concerns.

    1). When I state on my application “date I arrived in NZ”, I assume I’ll write when I entered for the WHV. Then it asks “date you want your work permit to be valid to”. Should I write a date that’s two years after the date my WP application is lodged? Then I assume I’d write the date I depart NZ to be the same as when I’d like my visa/permit to be valid until.

    2). On question N5 it says, “if your partner is a NZ citizen, do you intend to apply for residence under Immigration NZ’s Partnership Policy?” I don’t know whether to put Yes / No / NA. Then it asks, “will your partner be eligible to sponsor your application for residence?” Yes or No? I’m worried it might jeopardise my application whatever I tick although I did declare on the ITA (which I submitted last week) that I have a partner but he is not included in the application.


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    I THINK you are right in what you say in point 1 but would prefer someone who knows more about filling in the form to confirm this.

    The second point is more complicated because you have already submitted an application under the Skilled Migrant Category and, therefore, could well get residency off your own back without the need for a sponsor. However, as you're intending to apply for a work permit under partnership in the meantime, I guess you need to bring your partner into it. Is there a section on the form where you can explain your situation i.e. that you are applying for residency on your own? You could then fill in the form to suit your circumstances but still explain that you do intend to proceed onto residency but via a different route than partnership. The form doesn't allow for people who don't fit neatly into the boxes. Your partner would, presumably, be eligible to sponsor you, but that won't be necessary so, really, you need a N/A box to tick for that. For the first bit, as you aren't applying for residency under partnership, I guess the answer would be 'No'. Maybe a query to INZ will sort out the matter?

    If you have a skilled job you could apply for a normal temporary work permit that doesn't involve your partner. It should give you sufficient time for your residency application to go through. That would take him out of the equation.
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