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Thread: Would I have to leave NZ to get another 2-year WP (under partnership)?

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    Default Would I have to leave NZ to get another 2-year WP (under partnership)?


    I have just read that you can be granted a work permit (under partnership) for a maximum of 2 years.

    I have been in NZ for 14 months as I'm currently on a WHV (23 months as Iím from the UK - expiry date is June 2011). The visa allows me to work for a total of 12 months. I have nearly 4 months left (finish in February) to work legally in NZ and I want it to continue so I plan to apply for another work permit based on partnership (which I have been with my kiwi partner for almost a year).

    I have a feeling the Immigration would grant me a permit from the date I arrived in NZ (July 09) and the work permit to be valid until July 2011 as that would have been a maximum of 2 years to get a work permit based on partnership.

    My question is: Once the WP expires, what if I need to apply for another work permit for a year or two? Do I have to leave the country and apply from overseas and then return? I have just submitted my Skilled Migrant residency application last week and have been told it could take up to a year to be granted so I need to weigh up my options!

    Any suggestions?


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    Hi Claire,

    I've posted a bit about this on your other thread.

    I'd have thought INZ would make your work permit valid from the time your application was granted rather than from the time you originally entered NZ. Quite a lot of people go to NZ on a WHV and then apply for work permits so they can stay. For those from the UK who have been on a 23-month WHV, it wouldn't be worth applying if INZ only gave the WP for the balance of the time since the applicant arrived in the country.

    I think normal work permits have been valid for 1 year only since the recession hit and a lot of kiwis returned to NZ to take up jobs there, although it may have changed since and I haven't noticed it. If you already have a skilled job you can apply for a WP on your own without the need for sponsorship. When it's coming towards the exipry date you could apply for a renewal to cover you until your residency comes through, which could be any time from a few months to a year or more in extreme cases. If you tell INZ you have a PR application in the pipeline, it will go in your favour when you apply for another work permit later on (if necessary).
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