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Thread: can i learn a skill when i over there

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    Default can i learn a skill when i over there

    hi there ross here im wondering if it is possible to lern a skill over there while on a working holiday visa

    i also have an aunt and 3 cousins that live in new zeland dose this help if they were to sponcer me.

    this is sumthing i have planed since i had my crash :D but i hope you can help and sorry bout the spelling


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    When you're on a WHV you can only undertake temporary work for a certain time. If you want to learn a new skill sufficient to get you residency in the future, I would think this could take quite a time and you may need a Student Visa for that. Have you considered studying in NZ rather than applying for a WHV?

    Only immediate family members are eligible to sponsor you e.g. parents or brothers/sisters. Aunts, uncles, cousins etc. don't count as sponsors.
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