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Thread: 3 Year Work Permit

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    Default 3 Year Work Permit

    Hi there,

    Looking for some help.

    I'm currently on a 8th Month work permit, it's my 3rd work permit that has been granted for contractual work. Each time my contract finishes I leave NZ, and re-apply for a new permit when my contract comes through.

    This time I was offered a full time, long term contract - so I applied to get my permit extended to a 3 year permit. But Immigration have come back and told me they will not issue the permit due to my employer not making a "genuine effort" in employing a Kiwi - how can they not issue me a permit this time around due to this, but are willing to issue me a permit when the role is only of 6-8 months out of the year???

    Also does anyone know if my current permit which is valid until April 11 will be revoked if my application with immigration at the moment is denied?


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    I think this is a matter between INZ and your company rather than between them and you. To be able to employ overseas applicants for certain types of job (i.e. those not on one of the skills shortage lists), an employer must first prove that he has made a decent effort to find a kiwi for the job (so that kiwis can't say that these jobs are only being offered to overseas people). It would appear that your employer has failed to convince INZ that he/she has made a suitable effort and there lies the problem. Presumably, in your previous job offers, there was either no need for your company to prove a kiwi couldn't be found to do the same job or they have been able to prove one couldn't be found.

    I would think that your current permit would stand if it isn't going to be superseded by another permit, but it might be an idea to double-check this.
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